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You are Not Alone

A classically inspired Pop Powerhouse Vocalist + Songwriter:
 “I write music that heals your soul, ignites your inner fire, and provokes a profound awareness of who you are."~Red Salvation

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I Understand Your Pain

Life is full of surprises. One day you’re perfectly healthy. Your world is fine and then suddenly challenge or tragedy arises that changes everything.

I am no stranger to physical and emotional pain. I understand the grueling weight of heartbreak, loss, and tragedy on your body and soul.

In 2005, I was in a life altering accident that immobilized my body, leaving me unable to sit, walk, stand, speak, and function as a normal person.

I completely lost my independence and ability to live life as I knew it. Unable to tolerate light or sound, living in a dark room filled with loss and despair, my dreams of the life I had envisioned were stripped away from me.

During this crisis in my life, I sought spiritual reflection and physical healing, and worked through many stages of grief to give to you my heart and soul.  It is the place where the music is written, where the lyrics are expressed, where the poetry lives, and where the pain resides. 


Every minute of every day, I know your soul cries out to be seen, to be known, to be heard.  Because of my story, I hear your pain.

I hear your heart whispers, aching in the night to be heard. I feel the driving agony in your chest, as you long for someone to understand, to verbalize, to express the raw struggles you live through.

As living proof that healing is truly possible, I am devoted to uplifting individuals who are physically and emotionally suffering to return to a state of wholeness through my original music, poetry, and spiritual reflections. 


I know you have so many dreams you dare not dream. Your feel hope has dwindled, and you have lost your way; but today, I am asking you to dare to dream and believe in yours once again! 

With Love,

Red Salvation


My Story

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